What we do

Comprehensive Virus Removal

Getting too many annoying pop-ups in your desktop? System suddenly running slow? It might be infected with a Malware (short for malicious software). Fortunately, an infected computer can be fixed.

Scan and Remove Computer Virus

A computer virus infects legitimate files to propagate.

Scan and Remove Spyware and Adware programs

A spyware is a program that monitors and gathers user information. An adware is an application that displays advertising banners, pop-up windows or hotlinks on Web pages and desktop.

Scan and Remove Trojan Horses

A trojan horse is a malicious program that performs one or more malicious actions in the system.

Scan and Remove Worm

A computer worm is a malicious program that is able to spread copies of itself to other computer machines.

Scan and Remove Rootkits

A Rootkit is a malicious software that manipulates the operating system to conceal itself and harms computer.

Expert Advise

With more than 10 years of solid experience in this field, our treat experts can help secure your system against malwares which has a long-term benefit to your company and business.